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What's New

Two harnessed guys
The leather party at a gay naked Gathering

EACH WEEK we add
about 50 of our OWN photos
 -- over 2,500 photos per year! 

Pretty Penis contest


Contest winners

Ever thought someone had
a prize-winning dick?
 We did -- so we had a contest! 

Items going away soon

Disappearing soon

Hail, Hail, to Michigan
This photo was taken in 1999 at the
University of Michigan Naked Mile.
It won't be around forever!

With so many photos on the site, for
 space reasons we have to remove photos, too. 
Only members can access the page where
we announce upcoming deletions.
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Tiger Ray flipping

Dick of the Week


Dick of the Week

Outrageous interviews with incredible photos about amazing guys interviewed for an hour about... their dicks!

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Fight terror fly naked

Bumper stickers, t-shirts, and more!

Stop terror -- fly naked


Think about it: wouldn't it be better, quicker, and safer if we didn't have to use metal detectors at airports? Just put all your clothes in your bags, plop them onto the X-ray belt, and pick it up on the other side!

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Great sites by great guys!

Our links

 Sick of ordinary, unoriginal porno sites on 
the Web? Check out our recommendations
for relief! Nearly all the webmasters of
the sites we recommend are guys
we know personally.

March naked in Pride!


Want to march naked in a Gay Pride parade? Want to see guys marching naked? Then this is the site for you!

Daddybear on cam

Daddybear webcam


Like furry daddybears? Our webmaster is on cam much of the time he's working on this site!

Hankerchief into foreskin?



The world's first ALL-NUDE performing magician -- complete with a lovely assistant. Learn how to do magic tricks 100% in the nude!!

Hot original gifts


I brake for nudists

  Outrageous t-shirts, bumper stickers,  
pens, pencils, and more!

Tour map

Naked trip around the world


  In 2002 I took a trip around the world to find naked men.  
Here's what happened!

The Prickstown Penis-Examiner

Penis news

What's this??? It's the penis newspaper -- with editorials,
interviews, photos, news, and more!  

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MMNG dude Mr. IMEN 2001



Information about the gay nude gatherings
held each year in the U.S.
Also info about gay naked squaredancing.

Photo album

Photo album

Nude runners
Some Bay to Breakers runners

Photos, photos, and more photos of naked guys in public, at gatherings, dancing nude... everywhere. Over 5,000 (soon 10,000) photos we took ourselves -- EXCLUSIVELY ours!

Every boy needs his daddy

'Daddy' and 'boy'

Want a relationship with a guy a lot older than you? Or a lot younger? If you're both adults, this is your page!


Small with big

Big dicks with small dicks


Turned on by the idea of a guy with a big dick together with a guy with a small dick? This site has pairs of guys of different size!

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