TM -- JOIN -- Penis Central trademark


TM -- JOIN -- Penis Central trademark

Subscribers get complete access to:

All of the private areas of Jim's Penis Central page *

Even after deleting a few hundred photos no longer permitted by government regulations, we have over 10,000 ORIGINAL photos -- featuring hundreds of exclusive models at events seen nowhere else on the Net! -- onto

Naked in Gay Pride march Dancing naked Naked at Pride festival Naked accordionist Two harnessed guys No pants, selling t-shirts Spiking in nude volleyball

* excepting a few special extras such as charity donations

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TM -- JOIN -- Penis Central trademark
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Our partnership with InterBBS

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InterBBS (also known as Diversity Network Services) is the Internet Service Provider which developed and maintained the membership portions of Jim's Penis Central for the first 3 years of its existence. Due to onerous new fees and regulations from U.S. credit card companies, InterBBS was unable to continue to provide credit card servicing to Jim's Penis Central beginning in July 2003 -- a situation which became final in October, 2003.