Jim's CMEN 2005 Gathering Photos

(Just a few -- over 90 -- before the site closes. Sigh.)

Well, the 2005 CMEN gathering is over and... since we have decided to close the site, this will be our last big batch of pix. Yikes!! But think not about what's going away... instead think about what is here. Think positive! It's been a great 5 years for this site, and we have thousands of photos to prove that thousands of gay men have enjoyed being all naked all the time -- and will continue to do so. THAT made it all worthwhile!!!

This is not an official project of CMEN in any way. Although I am a CMEN member, I am not an officer and am performing no official CMEN duties. Any opinions expressed on this page are my own and do not reflect on CMEN, its other members, or officers.

Naked native and clothed boylike scout

Set #1
28 photos
appeared 15 December 2005

Gumballs like you've never seen before
and naked beer in a lawn chair



Set #2
29 photos
appearing 30 December 2005

Erotic photography, bodypaint,
and groups of friends



Set #3
38 photos
appearing 15 January 2006

Mr. CMEN 2005, foreskin resoration,
and more friends




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