What's Disappearing? Everything, alas

What's disappearing? Everything!

Yes, JimsPenisCentral.com will disappear
on October 1, 2005

It is with a heavy heart and a sour stomach that we make this announcement.

We have LOOOOOVED what we've been doing for the past few years, but it's not enough. We're not making enough money, new government regulations have restricted what we can afford to show, and credit card regulations are becoming increasingly restrictive -- even bizarre. So although we will continue to update the site through September, we'll be shutting down just about everything on October 1.

Just about everything? Yes, a very few subsites will remain, but they will be free or will have a completely different membership structure. For example, we'll have a site at www.nakedmagician.com, but membership will be a one-shot thing: pay the money, access the magical secrets for a few days, and that's it. Later, we plan to restore the Dick Of The Week feature with a rotating set of 50 featured interviewees that will last basically for a full year.

If you had a 3-month membership, you may have noticed that your membership did not renew recently. That's because we'll be in business less than 3 months more (from today). We now offer 2-month memberships which will not renew, and 1-month memberships which can renew one more time. Starting August 1, we will offer a single membership which will last through September.

If you need to check your membership status, visit www.ticketsclub.com. If your 3-month membership has expired and you want to access the content added between now and the end of September, write to me using this e-mail address:



to confuse

those nasty






[Sorry that this e-mail address is not directly clickable; that's to prevent spammers from harvesting the address.]

We very much appreciate your support over the years. If you are as heartbroken as we are, then write your congressperson and give money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. THANKS!

Bare bear hugs,

Jim W., Webmaster

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